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This blog consists of my notes and solutions to problems in various areas of mainstream physics. An index to the topics covered is contained in the links in the sidebar on the right, or in the menu at the top of the page.

This isn’t a “popular science” site, in that most posts use a fair bit of mathematics to explain their concepts. Thus this blog aims mainly to help those who are learning or reviewing physics in depth. More details on what the site contains and how to use it are on the welcome page.

Despite Stephen Hawking’s caution that every equation included in a book (or, I suppose in a blog) would halve the readership, this blog has proved very popular since its inception in December 2010. Details of the number of visits and distinct visitors are given on the hit statistics page.

Many thanks to my loyal followers and best wishes to everyone who visits. I hope you find it useful. Constructive criticism (or even praise) is always welcome, so feel free to leave a comment in response to any of the posts.

I should point out that although I did study physics at the university level, this was back in the 1970s and by the time I started this blog in December 2010, I had forgotten pretty much everything I had learned back then. This blog represents my journey back to some level of literacy in physics. I am by no means a professional physicist or an authority on any aspect of the subject. I offer this blog as a record of my own notes and problem solutions as I worked through various books, in the hope that it will help, and possibly even inspire, others to explore this wonderful subject.

Before leaving a comment, you may find it useful to read the “Instructions for commenters“.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Physics Pages

  1. Antonio Lima

    Dear Prof. Rowe,

    I would like to congratulate you for the Physics pages.
    It is very good and I took the liberty to recommend it to my students.
    I wish you the best and the energy to continue sharing with us your knowledge.
    Best Regards

  2. Himangshu Dhar

    Respected sir, i am suffering off by a question, which i am trying hard to find out but cant find the answer. Actually my question is What is the procedure of finding the product of four electromagnetic field tensors.


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