NGC 7331 and four background galaxies

NGC 7331is a spiral galaxy in Pegasus that is one of the brightest galaxies not to be included in Messier’s catalogue. It’s about 40 million light years away. There are actually four other fainter galaxies visible in the same field. From top to bottom they are NGC 7336, NGC 7335, NGC 7337 and NGC 7340. These four galaxies are not associated with NGC 7331 and are about 350 million light years away.

Here’s my original photo:

The spiral structure of NGC 7331 is clearly visible in this photograph, which was a pleasant surprise as this is a stack of only 20 20-second exposures, and there was a gibbous moon visible while the photos were being taken.

Here’s another image showing where the four fainter galaxies are (they are the fuzzy patches to the left of the main galaxy above):

Photo location: Monifieth (near Dundee), Scotland, UK.

Date: 23 Sep 2015; 21:00 UTC.

Telescope: 11-inch Celestron SCT.

Camera: Pentax K3

Exposure: ISO 800, 20 20-second exposures stacked with DeepSkyStacker.

4 thoughts on “NGC 7331 and four background galaxies

    1. gwrowe Post author

      I guess Messier just missed it. Actually, I’m quite impressed with Messier’s catalogue, considering what must have been fairly primitive equipment compared to today’s amateur astronomers.

  1. BT

    It is seen from the photo that the sky to your place is heavily Light Polluted.
    But given the conditions and your telescope these photos are just great !

    1. gwrowe Post author

      Actually the light pollution isn’t too severe for a suburban location. On a moonless night the milky way is faintly visible.


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