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Here are some charts of the traffic received on physicspages.com since its move to the new host on 29 May 2015. (The site itself dates from 28 December 2010, but unfortunately the traffic data couldn’t be preserved when moving to the new host, although the site had close to 3 million hits by the time it moved.)

The charts show the number of hits (red bars) and number of distinct visitors (blue bars). Note that I use the British/Canadian convention for dates, so that 11th August  is 11/08, not 08/11 (which is 8th November ). Click on a chart to enlarge it.

The hit data are compiled by the wordpress plugin Visitors Traffic Real Time Statistics, which saves all its data in the same MySQL database that wordpress.org uses to store its own content. I have tried a variety of hit counters (e.g. Google Analytics, WordPress.com’s Jetpack, etc) and they all give (quite substantially) different counts, so I don’t know who to believe. The plugin that I used for the data in the charts gives counts more or less in the middle of the others’ counts, so I hope they’re fairly accurate.

I wrote my own little program in C#.NET to generate and upload the charts.

The first chart shows the number of hits per day for the past 28 days. The lighter coloured bars are weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).

The number of hits per week. A week begins on Monday and the date shown below each bar is the start of the week that bar represents.

The number of hits per month.

And the number of hits per year. Since hit counting started near the end of May 2015, the data for 2015 are lower than the actual value for the entire year.

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