Peskin & Schroeder: An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory

Here are my notes to accompany the book Michael E. Peskin & Daniel V. Schroeder, An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory, (Perseus Books, 1995). As always I can offer no guarantee that the solutions and derivations are 100% correct.

Chapter 2 – The Klein-Gordon Field

Violation of causality, Noether’s theorem, Stress-energy tensor, Klein-Gordon & harmonic oscillator, Klein-Gordon Hamiltonian, Lorentz invariance, Position space, Heisenberg picture, Causality – amplitudes, Causality – commutators, Green’s function, Green’s function as Fourier transform, Feynman propagator

4 thoughts on “Peskin & Schroeder: An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory

      1. Adam

        You can try Tong’s video lectures on QFT. You can use his excellent lecture notes along with the videos and you can supplement these with Peskin’s textbook. This is what I am doing. You will find that, in this way, it is much easier to go through Peskin’s textbook and solve the exercises.
        This site really needs full notes on QFT, otherwise it would be a waste of your skills. This site is really amazing and helps a lot of people.

        1. gwrowe Post author

          I’ll have a look at Tong’s notes, thanks.
          I think it’s a bit harsh to say the site is a “waste” without QFT notes though. I’ve had more than 12 million hits so far, and the overwhelming majority of those are for topics other than QFT.


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