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5 thoughts on “Index – Physics – Quantum mechanics

  1. Anonymous

    I am going through a QM course and not having an easy time of it. Thanks for putting so much effort into this blog, Its much more comprehensive that many.
    Cheers from BC 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I’m new here and I like your stuff. However, some of your blogs are sequential, but the index is alphabetic. It would be nice if under a topic, say harmonic oscillator, the sub-topics were listed sequentially. Or maybe related blogs grouped into chapters.

    1. growescience

      There are already various ways you can get posts related to a given topic. Use the ‘Search’ box in the left panel, or on the index page use your browser’s search option (Control+F on Windows). The problem indexes for the various textbooks I’m working through provide a grouping of posts into chapters. I’ve also tried to tag each post with relevant keywords, so you can do a tag search.

      Links to articles referenced in a post are to be found within that post so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a sequence.

  3. Kazi Parvez Islam

    Sir can you please suggest few best reference books on undergraduate quantum physics and atomic and molecular physics . I know there are so many links available in the internet suggesting a lot( it’s preety confusing because it’s really a lot!!) of books. But if you give few best amongt them…it will be very much helpful.


    1. gwrowe Post author

      It depends on your background, but if you’re familiar with basic calculus and Newtonian physics, Griffiths’s book (Introduction to Quantum Mechanics – the one I’ve worked through) is excellent. At a slightly more advanced level, the book by R. Shankar (Principles of Quantum Mechanics), which I’m currently working on, appears to be good as well.
      I can’t really offer any suggestions on atomic or molecular physics as I haven’t studied those.


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