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3 thoughts on “Index – Physics – Quantum mechanics

  1. Anonymous

    I am going through a QM course and not having an easy time of it. Thanks for putting so much effort into this blog, Its much more comprehensive that many.
    Cheers from BC 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I’m new here and I like your stuff. However, some of your blogs are sequential, but the index is alphabetic. It would be nice if under a topic, say harmonic oscillator, the sub-topics were listed sequentially. Or maybe related blogs grouped into chapters.

    1. growescience

      There are already various ways you can get posts related to a given topic. Use the ‘Search’ box in the left panel, or on the index page use your browser’s search option (Control+F on Windows). The problem indexes for the various textbooks I’m working through provide a grouping of posts into chapters. I’ve also tried to tag each post with relevant keywords, so you can do a tag search.

      Links to articles referenced in a post are to be found within that post so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a sequence.


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