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  1. Kian Maleki

    Thanks for you website

    I am studying General Relativity and in order to understand things deeper I usually come to your website. This websites explains better than the books which I am currently studying .At one point I decided to study everything in your website about General Relativity but when the chapters are in alphabetical order which means I cannot study all the chapters from begging to the end.

    Would you please provide us a logical order of the chapters to study?

    With Regards
    Kian Maleki

    1. gwrowe Post author

      You can follow the posts (more or less) in order by looking at the problem solutions for a particular textbook. The general relativity book that I’ve done the most work on is the one by Moore, so you could look at the index of problems for his book, which are organized by chapter. Also, I’ve tried to provide enough cross-links within each post so that you can review background material relevant to that post. You can also use the Search box to look up posts on a particular topic.

      With close to 1300 posts, it would take far too much time for me to try to produce an ordered list, and often one post relies on several previous posts (rather than just one), so the structure would be more like a graph than a linear list.

  2. Mitul

    Hi, I often use your site for various courses as well the solutions on the many problems has been very useful to double check. I was wondering if you could be able to post solutions to problems from Caroll’s book on General relativity, please?



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