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  1. elkement

    Your blog is great! I can relate a lot to this quote on your personal web site: “I also plan to return to my first love, physics, and try to relearn a lot of what I knew about 30 years ago”.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot for making this blog. Especially thanks for the page on the associated Legendre functions. I have taken a look at about a dozen books but I find your explanation much better.

    I am doing a PhD in Electrical Engineering in Montreal. Even though I am 33 but I want to switch to Physics (Theoretical Physics) after I am done with this PhD. It is very nice to see that there exist people that understand what it is to be in love with Physics.

  3. jim mcbride

    Dear Glen Rowe,

    You should feel really good about these Physicspages. I’m a retired mathematician who took reasonable university courses in classical mechanics and electromagnetics about 50 years ago, and am now renewing that interest at a deeper level by working my way through Taylor’s and Griffiths’ books. Your solutions have aided me tremendously. My appreciation for your efforts is without bound

    1. growescience

      Thanks for the kind words. Which books are you working through? I’m always on the lookout for other texts that would make good topics for the blog.

        1. growescience

          Heh. I actually do have Kittel’s solid state book, but it’s the 4th edition from 1971. I see it’s now up to an 8th edition, so I assume that’s the one that is currently used for courses.

  4. surinder singh

    wonderful!!!!! i was just looking for clear solution for first(delta function ina well) and second (bosons in well) —time independent perturbation theory—-chapter6—- grifith–quantum mechanics…………………..wonderful solutions indeed…what can i do it get more on it….

  5. Andrew

    I’d like to speak on the behalf of many, many students at the University of British Columbia when I extend my heartfelt thanks for all your effort in putting together these physics pages. There’s been quite a few times when I’ve been lost in the depths of QM, and this site has shown me the light out!

    Funnily enough, I also went to Bayview elementary and then onto Kitsilano High School. Glad to see a fellow blue demon / thunderbird alumni keeping bright the candle of science in our demon-haunted world.

    1. gwrowe Post author

      Thanks very much. I’m glad you and others at UBC find it useful.
      It’s also good to know that the Bayview->Kitsilano->UBC route is still there. I have to say that although Scotland is a nice enough place to live, I do miss the rugged mountains and ocean around Vancouver, especially the views from the top of the cliffs at the north edge of the UBC campus.

  6. Peter

    Just a thought, but have you considered putting these pages together in book form? To self-publish a Kindle book you need an HTML file. For a self-published Createspace (for example, there are other options) paperback you need a pdf file. This is such a brilliant resource that it would be great to have it in a permanent form. No matter what you decide, thanks so much for these pages.

    1. gwrowe Post author

      There are several reasons why I won’t be producing a book, either on paper or electronically. The first is that I’m not an authority on the subject, so it wouldn’t be right to elevate my posts to the level of a textbook. Certainly the textbooks I’ve been working through show a much deeper understanding of their subjects than I have at present.
      The second reason is that the blog is (and always will be) a work in progress, so I’m continually adding posts which contain cross-references to existing material. There is no natural point at which I could ‘freeze’ the existing posts into a book.
      The third reason is the sheer amount of work that would be involved. There are currently 1520 posts on my blog and to convert these to PDFs (say) would require a huge effort, especially if I wanted to retain the cross-linking between articles. The source files for the posts are stored in Lyx format (a version of Latex). It does appear to be possible to convert a group of Lyx files to PDF in batch mode, but since all the hyperlinks in the files point to the web site, the files wouldn’t be of much use.
      Finally, there are still (no doubt) a few errors in the existing posts, so it’s nice to be able to correct these when they are pointed out by readers, thus keeping the blog up to date regarding accuracy.
      The existing blog is fairly ‘permanent’ in any case, at least as long as I can maintain the site. Hopefully it’ll be a few years yet before senility sets in.
      However, I’m glad you appreciate the blog and hope you continue to find it useful.

  7. Peter

    Fair enough. A few years ago I wrote a book using LyX that contained several thousand equations. Converting (a single file) to pdf was straightforward enough but converting to Kindle-friendly, decent quality HTML took forever.

  8. Brett Cooper

    Dear Dr. Rowe,

    My name is Brett and I am from Atlanta GA. I had the pleasure to read your notes on quantum mechanics that I found on your great website. Would it be possible to email you a few questions on vector states in QM if you have time? I am just a beginner with some conceptual gaps.

    Kind Regards and Happy New Year,

  9. Michael Fifield

    Dear Glen,
    Heartfelt thanks for your brilliant blog. I’m nearly 70, have a maths background and recently decided to study theoretical physics to fulfil a lifelong ambition. I’ve found the Griffiths book deeply absorbing, and an excellent introduction to Quantum Mechanics. But your posts on each of the problems have greatly amplified the value of the textbook.

  10. YAtty

    Your blog is incredible. It has inspired and immensely aided many Physics enthusiasts of several levels of calibre and backgrounds, including me. On behalf of all of those who read, benefit from and appreciate your blog, I would like to thank you for your hard work in creating and maintaining such an excellent source of knowledge.
    HUGE THANK YOU+ as-many-as-you-want e-beers (I read you like them!)


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